Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Storm Damage Lake Charles Office Building

Lake Charles Storm Damage

Lake Charles Office Damage

Our SERVPRO teams were onsite after Hurricane Laura. The Category 4 hurricane left immense storm destruction and we were grateful to be able to help.

Storm Damage – Bel Air

Storm damage in Bel Air can cause extensive water damage requiring the use of the most up to date equipment and often a lot of the equipment is called required. SERVPRO of Bel Air / West Hollywood inventories the latest high-tech water restoration equipment to serve our neighbors when they need help with storm damage.

Bel Air Severe Storm Damage

The Bel Air photo depicts what is known in the cleanup and restoration industry as a "flood-cut." The non-salvageable gypsum board was removed at the four-foot mark to allow for new full panels of drywall to be installed. Less mess and less cost. SERVPRO does it right, the first time.

West Hollywood Storm Damaged Roof

The straight-line winds caught the under-eave of this structure in the West Hollywood area and blew out the window and lifted part of the roof. If SERVPRO is called promptly, we can mitigate the damage, cover the roof to keep out the wind and any curious critters and clean up and remove the storm debris.

West Hollywood Storm Damaged Facility

The water surged from the storm onto the first floor of this facility in West Hollywood and then receded. Left behind was contaminated groundwater that needed complete removal before a disinfecting microbial spray could be applied to eliminate health hazards.

Storm Damage – Bel Air

Storm damage in Bel Air could become a large loss event requiring a lot of commercial equipment to provide proper storm damage restoration services. Large tractor-trailers are stocked and equipped to be sent to a large loss event on a moment’s notice.

West Hollywood Storm Water Damage

The flooding deposited a fair amount of water on the porcelain tile floor with no damage. However, the water wicked into the baseboards and drywall necessitating a partial tear out of the ruined building materials. SERVPRO quickly set up air movers and dehumidifiers as shown in this partially completed storm damage to this Hollywood home.