Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Rainwater Home Invasion in Spaulding Square

The open windows allowed sheets of driven rainwater to soak into the carpeting of this home in Spaulding Square. The Before Photo shows a few remaining air move... READ MORE

Bel Air Storm Damaged Basement

The lowest levels of a home in Bel Air and the surrounding area are more susceptible to storm damage from flooding than the above-ground levels. Contaminated gr... READ MORE

Spaulding Square and Storm Damage

The flooded floor in this Spaulding Square home was contaminated with tainted water. SERVPRO technicians understand the adverse impact Black Water can have on r... READ MORE

Office Center Receiving Stormwater Service

An infrequent rainstorm flooded the lower level of this office building in the West Hollywood area causing significant water damage. The Before Photo is the act... READ MORE

Stormy Weather Means Water Damage in Bel Aire

Floods entering after storms in the Bel Aire area often contain muddy debris and contaminants. The Before Photo shows a basement that was under a remodel when t... READ MORE

Storm Damage – West Hollywood House

Storm damage hit this unfinished West Hollywood house with a significant amount of water damage. The home was under construction, and the windows had not yet be... READ MORE

Bel Air Damage from a Storm

The water flowed in from the storm and deposited a small layer on the floor of this basement in a secondary utility structure at this Bel Air estate. SERVPRO te... READ MORE